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getting a degree just to have one

Why do we value people who finished college? You know anybody that just done the prereqs, forgone getting a degree, and gone straight to pharm school? Although working at a startup can involve any number of positions (some of which you do need a particular degree or training for), there are a lot of roles that won't require a particular area of study at all. This is particularly important if the job requires a discipline-specific degree, such as social work, accounting, marketing and so on. The Master’s degree could be also used if you hold an undergraduate degree in one area but want to start a career in a different field. We had to set the requirements somewhere and given that there are so many applicants, requiring a college degree is one place where we drew the line. i think the idea is that he doesn't really ever want to 'be with a company,' which, while maybe flashing a little 19-year-old-naivete, is a very reasonable and understandable desire. Focus on schools that are highly-rated for the programs you’re most interested in. There are exceptions but over all they just want to know you were strong enough to get through what it takes to get a degree. It's cool to live life on the run for awhile, but one day you may want a comfortable life. Its a hoop jumping degree. But you’ll essentially give yourself one less stressful day by knocking it out early. Getting a college education is one of the best ways to escape the cycle of poverty, for both yourself and your descendants. Research a number of different degrees or programs to … I look back at all the crap I went through just to get my BA. But families and salaries real estate, they're far off for me right now. I’ve been creating ideas with polyvore and working on getting more exposure and I’ve gotten a few clients just from my polyvore sets, I just don’t want things to go stale. Armed with either a degree with no market value, a fake one from a school that just took your money or lacking in how to apply all of this knowledge juggling around in your head, you have 3 options: Go back and get a real degree in an area with a higher … If the job posting says a degree is required but doesn't require one in a specific discipline, use your resume to show how you achieve other professional and life goals. I never expected to go to college. Her work appears in "The Multi-Generational Workforce in the Health Care Industry," and she has been cited in numerous publications, including journals and textbooks that focus on human resources management practices. Some people really, really don't like the answer "I don't have a degree". Youre in college, theres only a year and half before you graduate. I was dismissed from the university, dumped, had a slew of family problems, and moved back home with my mom and got a menial, minimum wage job. I don't want to work on projects or be part of a team or do data entry or whatever college graduates do, I want to "work" in the most old fashion sense you can imagine. Does a person need a degree? In 2014, the unemployment rate for 25- to 34-year-olds with bachelor’s degrees was just below four percent, while over 12 percent of high school graduates in … If you think you are more just antsy to get out in the real world, I would take ONE term off to do so. Getting degrees got me the ability to get jobs I don't want, which sucks, but it also got me a lot of practice thinking in new and interesting ways, which is awesome. This is great. Any geography majors out there? Because finishing college is hard. The Master’s degree could be also used if you hold an undergraduate degree in one area but want to start a career in a different field. Just because I don't have a college degree doesn't mean I am not smart! The same programmer 24 hours later with a degree is worth about $60,000. I have found that most places don’t care what the degree was in just that one has the degree. More job openings, more chances at promotions, and more flexibility with which jobs you take (and keep) are just a few of the doors that will be opened when you have your degree in hand. Take the classes you need, and get as close to a 4.0 as you can going forward. I don't mean to discourage you, but only that this is a fact of life, once I understood this I had an easier time taking required classes I saw no value in. Regardless, something has to change. The benefits of beginning to teach as soon as you can are Employers want people who will do work when its pointless and when its not. However, many firms will view it as a prerequisite … Still, I consider it to be one my biggest life accomplishments and it has opened doors that wouldn't have otherwise been open. Or, if you have a large number of credit hours in your major area of study, explain how much you've completed in your discipline or major. In Michigan, your best option is a degree. I convinced my Dad to let me pay for school myself, and he would reimburse me if I got good grades. I brought up the fact that their requirements were 10 years experience or 5 and a related degree, they said it didn't really matter because they knew I would be better than most anyone else at it. It will require someone recommending you. Standing Out to Employers My favorite part of the DIY Degree (beyond the cost, classroom avoidance, and completion time) is actually how it positions you to employers. These are just some of the possibilities for customizing your own high-speed, low-cost bachelor’s degree. One thing I can can say however is that generally everyone is encouraging, no matter where they're coming from, and it really makes me think that if I put so much effort into a decision, well, it probably won't be the wrong one. Getting another qualification may lead to a wage premium, while So naturally I decided to go with the lower level courses and breeze through them. A degree can show that you have the specialized knowledge or technical skills an employer is looking for and that can be transferred to the workplace with … I work with a guy who has been held back from a higher pay grade since he lacked a 4yr degree. a place to put self-posts for discussion, questions or anything else you like. And are you considered more competitive if you do get a degree first? 9 years ago. I didn't drink or hang out with other traveller's. I assigned zero value to the degree itself. I have libraries, the Internet, and the real world all around me and I can find my own ways of studying and learning and furthermore, I can veer my course in any it's mostly to make my family happy. is this common? I started off as engineering physics because I found it to be really interesting and if I really applied myself I could maybe accomplish something awesome. This is something I've come to terms with, and have promised myself that no matter what I get a degree in, I'll be doing the same thing the day after I graduate: traveling, doing physical labor, making something, sailing a boat, rescuing something helpless, ect. Fortunately, students who graduate with a degree in biology have more career options than just teaching or going to medical school — although those can be awesome careers, too. You simply have to decide which road you would rather take to reach the goals that you have set for yourself. Many employers distinguish between required and preferred qualifications. State Your Case. I felt like that one term off tamed my urge to travel and experience things, and now I see the value in all the courses I chose to take. So of course, you will decide for yourself what is most important to you. Daniel became resentful of the experience, and believed that Mr. Miagi was taking advantage of him, and was never going to teach him Karate, only to discover that all of the seemingly meaningless tasks he was asked to do actually trained him in the fundamentals of karate without him even knowing it. No one knows at 20 how they'll spend the rest of their life and everyone understands that and doesn't care WHAT your degree in as long as you have one. I’m just Emma Stone Smart I Am Just Because One measure of your success will be the degree to which you build up others who work with you. Take a walk through the buildings you've never gone into before at your campus and look at student posters and whatever displays the departments have put out for show. I think it's better to take some time off and explore the world, figure out what you'd be happy doing long term and then get a degree instead of getting one you don't want or care about because "society expects it" or your parents are making you.

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