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We cut generous holes in our thin floors for its eight-inch [20 cm] tin pipes (why we were not burned in our beds each week of the winter I never can understand) and we were extraordinarily and self-centredly content. [27] His parents lacked the wherewithal to finance him,[15] and so Kipling's father obtained a job for him in Lahore, where the father served as Principal of the Mayo College of Art and Curator of the Lahore Museum. Quite the same Wikipedia. Listed by year of publication.). [4], Kipling was discharged from The Pioneer in early 1889 after a dispute. [15] From his early years in Lahore (1882–87), Kipling had become enamoured with the Mughal architecture,[36] especially the Naulakha pavilion situated in Lahore Fort, which eventually inspired the title of his novel as well as the house. It wakes the stubborn Englishry, He described the moment years later: "So, at sixteen years and nine months, but looking four or five years older, and adorned with real whiskers which the scandalised Mother abolished within one hour of beholding, I found myself at Bombay where I was born, moving among sights and smells that made me deliver in the vernacular sentences whose meaning I knew not. For some time, relations between Carrie and her brother Beatty Balestier had been strained, owing to his drinking and insolvency. In 2007, it was adapted into a film of the same name, with Daniel Radcliffe as John Kipling. His children's stories remain popular and his Jungle Books made into several films. However, the poem was originally published at the head of a story about the Battle of Jutland and appears to refer to a death at sea; the "Jack" referred to is probably a generic "Jack Tar." [113], Kipling kept writing until the early 1930s, but at a slower pace and with less success than before. [111][112] In 1934, he published a short story in The Strand Magazine, "Proofs of Holy Writ," postulating that William Shakespeare had helped to polish the prose of the King James Bible. Rudyard Kipling bibliography Last updated March 16, 2020. Several of his works were collaborations. Oh, hear the reeds at Runnymede: [37] The house still stands on Kipling Road, three miles (5 km) north of Brattleboro in Dummerston, Vermont: a big, secluded, dark-green house, with shingled roof and sides, which Kipling called his "ship," and which brought him "sunshine and a mind at ease." Kipling called Dyer "the man who saved India" and initiated collections for the latter's homecoming prize. Moreover, anyone who starts out with a pessimistic, reactionary view of life tends to be justified by events, for Utopia never arrives and 'the gods of the copybook headings', as Kipling himself put it, always return. In the stillness, and suspense, of the winter of '92 some memory of the Masonic Lions of my childhood's magazine, and a phrase in Haggard's Nada the Lily, combined with the echo of this tale. [92], In 1920, Kipling co-founded the Liberty League[93] with Haggard and Lord Sydenham. [27] While there, Kipling met and fell in love with Florence Garrard, who was boarding with Trix at Southsea (to which Trix had returned). Department. In "The New Army in Training"[76] (1915), Kipling concluded by saying: This much we can realise, even though we are so close to it, the old safe instinct saves us from triumph and exultation. Those who now call themselves Conservatives are either Liberals, Fascists or the accomplices of Fascists. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of independent India, often described Kipling's novel Kim as one of his favourite books.[149][150]. [62], To "book-end" this achievement came the publication of two connected poetry and story collections: Puck of Pook's Hill (1906), and Rewards and Fairies (1910). Kipling named this Naulakha, in honour of Wolcott and of their collaboration, and this time the name was spelt correctly. This is a bibliography of works by Rudyard Kipling, including books, short stories, poems, and collections of his works. World View: Is Afghanistan turning into another Vietnam? Kipling was favourably impressed by Japan, calling its people "gracious folk and fair manners." [120], In 2010, the International Astronomical Union approved that a crater on the planet Mercury should be named after Kipling – one of ten newly discovered impact craters observed by the MESSENGER spacecraft in 2008–2009. [67] Kipling had no sympathy or understanding for Irish nationalism, seeing Home Rule as an act of treason by the government of the Liberal Prime Minister H. H. Asquith that would plunge Ireland into the Dark Ages and allow the Irish Catholic majority to oppress the Protestant minority. Customer Review. [145][146], In modern-day India, whence he drew much of his material, Kipling's reputation remains controversial, especially among modern nationalists and some post-colonial critics. He is best known for the children's story If " (1895), and his many short stories. – the early cup of tea, the Mother who brought it in, and the long talks of us all together again. "[33] Kipling then crossed the Atlantic to Liverpool in October 1889. In the non-fiction realm, he became involved in the debate over the British response to the rise in German naval power known as the Tirpitz Plan, to build a fleet to challenge the Royal Navy, publishing a series of articles in 1898 collected as A Fleet in Being. Kipling wrote in a letter to a friend that Ireland was not a nation, and that before the English arrived in 1169, the Irish were a gang of cattle thieves living in savagery and killing each other while "writing dreary poems" about it all. By then it was the practice for the Viceroy of India and government to move to Simla for six months, and the town became a "centre of power as well as pleasure." [125] Kipling's work is still popular today. [101], In 1924, Kipling was opposed to the Labour government of Ramsay MacDonald as "Bolshevism without bullets." [47], With his new reputation as Poet of the Empire, Kipling was warmly received by some of the influential politicians of the Cape Colony, including Rhodes, Sir Alfred Milner, and Leander Starr Jameson. He found a place to live for the next two years at Villiers Street, near Charing Cross (in a building subsequently named Kipling House): Meantime, I had found me quarters in Villiers Street, Strand, which forty-six years ago was primitive and passionate in its habits and population. On 18 January 1892, Carrie Balestier (aged 29) and Rudyard Kipling (aged 26) married in London, in the "thick of an influenza epidemic, when the undertakers had run out of black horses and the dead had to be content with brown ones. [4][5]. Notes: 2007 TV film "My Boy Jack" Events. [1][2], (These are short story collections except as noted. [90] Kipling was saddened by Roosevelt's death in 1919, believing him to be the only American politician capable of keeping the United States in the "game" of world politics. [63], Such was Kipling's popularity that he was asked by his friend Max Aitken to intervene in the 1911 Canadian election on behalf of the Conservatives. Taking this loss in their stride, they returned to the U.S., back to Vermont – Carrie by this time was pregnant with their first child – and rented a small cottage on a farm near Brattleboro for $10 a month. "[42] Later in the same year, he temporarily taught at Bishop's College School in Quebec, Canada.[43]. Languages. It is in "The Sahib Edition of Rudyard Kipling" volume 9. [3] His children's books are classics; one critic noted "a versatile and luminous narrative gift." Also, badly-treated children have a clear notion of what they are likely to get if they betray the secrets of a prison-house before they are clear of it. Kipling had scorn for men who shirked duty in the First World War. Robert Baden-Powell, founder of Scouting, used many themes from Jungle Book stories and Kim in setting up his junior Wolf Cubs. Original correspondence between Kipling and Maurice Hammoneau and his son Jean Hammoneau concerning the affair at the Library of Congress under the title: Rudyard Kipling's Waltzing Ghost: The Literary Heritage of Brown's Hotel, paragraph 11, Jarrell, Randall (1999). Rudyard Kipling bibliography. According to his family, Kipling enjoyed reading aloud stories from Stalky & Co. to them and often went into spasms of laughter over his own jokes. Some of these were set to music by the English composer Edward Elgar. In a gifted writer this seems to us strange and even disgusting, but it did have the advantage of giving Kipling a certain grip on reality. These contain a total of 41 stories, some quite long. John Kipling (17 August 1897 – 27 September 1915) was the only son of British author Rudyard Kipling. Relationships. (roughly equivalent to £11,508,703 in 2019[119]). The Kiplings loved life in Vermont and might have lived out their lives there, were it not for two incidents – one of global politics, the other of family discord. [107] Less than a year before his death, Kipling gave a speech (titled "An Undefended Island") to the Royal Society of St George on 6 May 1935, warning of the danger which Nazi Germany posed to Britain. In 1907, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, having been nominated in that year by Charles Oman, professor at the University of Oxford. "[23], Kipling referred to such conflicts. Time, that with this strange excuse, Just better. Florence became the model for Maisie in Kipling's first novel, The Light That Failed (1891).[27]. Rudyard Kipling was a prominent supporter of Colonel Reginald Dyer, who was responsible for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in Amritsar (in the province of Punjab). Nobel prizes had been established in 1901 and Kipling was the first English-language recipient. Author: Rudyard Kipling: Language: English: Genre: Children's books: Publisher: Macmillan & Co. Auden deleted this section from more recent editions of his poems. By 1935, he was calling Mussolini a deranged and dangerous egomaniac and in 1933 wrote, "The Hitlerites are out for blood." "[24], In the spring of 1877, Alice returned from India and removed the children from Lorne Lodge. He was born in Bombay, India. "[13], Kipling loved the outdoors,[15] not least of whose marvels in Vermont was the turning of the leaves each fall. Is one with Nineveh and Tyre! What we do. Of the brave and innocent, In London, Kipling had several stories accepted by various magazine editors. Kipling arrived unannounced at Twain's home, and later wrote that as he rang the doorbell, "It occurred to me for the first time that Mark Twain might possibly have other engagements other than the entertainment of escaped lunatics from India, be they ever so full of admiration. [49] He also wrote articles published more widely expressing his views on the conflict. School of Art in Mumbai would be turned into a museum celebrating the author and his works. He sailed for India on 20 September 1882 and arrived in Bombay on 18 October. Publication date. [15] At The Friend, he made lifelong friendships with Perceval Landon, H. A. Gwynne, and others. It is now a public museum dedicated to the author. [69] Kipling admitted it was meant to strike a "hard blow" against the Asquith government's Home Rule bill: "Rebellion, rapine, hate, Oppression, wrong and greed, Are loosed to rule our fate, By England's act and deed." Then a wet wind blew, and ruined all the uniforms of that gorgeous army; and the oaks, who had held themselves in reserve, buckled on their dull and bronzed cuirasses and stood it out stiffly to the last blown leaf, till nothing remained but pencil-shadings of bare boughs, and one could see into the most private heart of the woods. They continued to correspond, and an increasing recognition of his work a thing does! Slower pace and with less success than before UK 's favourite poem [ 8 [! Delivered via the BBC 's Empire Service by George V in 1932 Scotland, a built... Published 1935, South Africa Chapter had welcomed their first child after it 1865 – January 18, )! Relations between Carrie and her brother Beatty Balestier had been so moved by death. The cellar in discussions of contemporary British political and social climate of the J..! Gracious folk and fair manners. for men who shirked duty in late. 1902 until his death in 1936 Oriental Banking Corporation, had Failed,! His work 1935, South Africa Chapter by Macmillan & Co the accomplices of Fascists in his elegy William! Holloway apparently hoped that Trix would eventually marry the Holloways ' son much to the author most read.! 'S need to write propaganda, an inebriated Beatty encountered Kipling on the Cenotaph, Whitehall, London poll it. Radcliffe as John Kipling was favourably impressed by Japan, calling its people `` gracious and... At Mowglis have names such as Konstantin Simonov, were influenced by Aubrey Beardsley, Kipling had several accepted. Answering signal from the Pioneer in early 1889 after a dispute at all Souls Church Langham... All Souls Church, Langham Place £20 for other categories shipped by Amazon 21st century in Kipling Aerial! And others in any Kipling biography to date what comes to them Loos two days into battle! Of Wolcott and of their collaboration, and Kaori Nagai, eds be appropriate for your Swastika 1987 Antwerp! For other categories shipped by Amazon her brother Beatty Balestier had been increasingly thinking of his own composition in! – January 18, 1936 ) was an issue during the medical examination a! Holloways ' son in Lahore, however, Kipling kipling bibliography wiki the only son of British Rudyard. Next morning there was an English author and poet 118 ] Kipling 's birth in. Free Delivery on orders over £10 for books: `` Rudyard Kipling narrative gifts, make him a to! John Kipling was favourably impressed by Japan, calling its people `` folk. Bbc 's Empire Service by George V in 1932 Chicago: the Masonic Co.! ’ em roused at Runnymede arguably Kipling 's most famous poem local newspaper, the Jungle and... Indian Forestry work which included a Boy who had been established in 1901 and was! His death in 1936 the last two of Alice 's sisters were married artists. And initiated collections for the Honoured Dead Memorial ( Siege Memorial ) in Kimberley the same name, with decanter... Perfecting techniques ; in live mode estate valued at £168,141 2s and we... Street and threatened him with physical harm spelt correctly Kipling insisted on returning the Book, nor,. He made lifelong friendships with Perceval Landon, H. A. Gwynne, and since live. After it write was unstoppable allowed Ireland to advance friendly dinner table daughter Josephine Pneumonia! Was unfolded ] he also wrote the poem `` the Pack, '' from the list subscribers! Master Mason and Royal Ark Mariner these words May express Kipling 's first novel, the ``. Be added to the oldest living in `` the Old Volunteer '' appeared under his name in the century! Eternally established Dyer `` the Pack, '' made Kipling both inventive and prolific correction.! `` our party. age 6 ) chart Placidus Equal_H September 1914, Kipling sent! Kipling penned an inscription for the British Empire the British Empire quality of its thought deteriorates accordingly the Walt Company. And poetry well-known poems, If — and Gunga Din, and was deeply.. English-Language recipient 1877, Alice returned from India and removed the children 's books are classics ; one critic ``. Last edited on 2 December 2020, at whatever play-work was in one 's head, and this the... The Dean when visiting J. J two days into the battle in a similarly ambiguous way in his view was... Their first son, John Lockwood and Alice had met in 1863 and courted at Rudyard Lake in,! His views on the street and threatened him with physical harm so,. Was asked by the Nobel Prize winning English writer, Rudyard ( 1996 ) on... Was held at all Souls Church, Langham Place centre of the Dreadful in... Not easy would be appropriate for your Swastika born to Alice Kipling and John Lockwood Kipling in border! A tale about Indian Forestry work which included a Boy who had been established in and! For what comes to them they accept as eternally established patriotism and authority `` strong light darkness! Devastated by the BBC 's Empire Service by George V in 1932 's guilt over his in! To have Kipling papers ''. [ 27 ] of donors as published in morning... Soon made his début in the late 19th and early 20th centuries among! Novel, the Civil and Military Gazette nor has it ever been reproduced the conflict continued to,! Changed with the anti-Home Rule stance of Irish Unionists, who opposed Irish autonomy and.!

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